We’re getting ready for Pirates of Penzance!

When our audiences come to our productions, we are always happy to hear that we are as professional as an amateur company can be, and that of course is down to the efforts and commitment of a huge team of people, on- and off-stage, and front of house.

At the time of writing this article we are 12 weeks from our opening night at Ashby School Theatre and rehearsals are busy, exciting and thoroughly enjoyable! Our Producer/Director for Pirates of Penzance is Alan Hutchinson, former Headmaster of Ivanhoe College, and his knowledge and experience of musical theatre is astounding – he is also a very good Choreographer!

Alan has supported AMTG for many years, and is highly regarded and respected by all – he has been our President for over 20 years, and over those years has also been our rehearsal pianist, and Musical Director.

At a recent visit to the Theatre, Alan and three members of the team, started planning and plotting scenery, lighting/sound and it is always exciting to be involved at this crucial level of any show. We were joined by Musical Director Catherine Matthews, and Ali Jackson, both from Ashby School, and it was wonderful to visualise the scenes, action and story coming to life.

We are delighted to be bringing our production back to Ashby for this season – our links to the town go back to the early 60s, and it is pure coincidence that we are performing Pirates of Penzance 50 years after the original production. This version is the updated Broadway show, so you can expect a little more flourish, comedy, movement and dance – Choreographer Leanne O’Brien is also working her magic with us – you can imagine how much work is involved with learning to dance with swords in belts!

The Box Office is open at amtg.org.uk and tickets are £15 each for the performances from 9th-13th April 2019.

We look forward to greeting you all in April, but for now, we promise you will not be disappointed when you travel with us to Penzance in the company of our wonderful Society.