We all know how much hard work goes into rehearsals, for the music, the script, the dancing, for any production, and our lovely audiences see the well-polished result of those weeks of preparation when it comes to show week.

What an audience rarely sees, though sometimes the lights go on a little too early, is the fantastic team who make sure our productions are as slick and polished behind the scenes.

With eight weeks to go at the time of writing this article, our backstage team are pulling out all the stops to ensure Pirates of Penzance will be worthy of the splendid reviews we always receive about our productions.

Interim Stage Manager Alan Jamieson and his crew are currently building the Pirate King’s ship, a crypt, plus a multitude of shoreline rocks, gravestones, and other scenery which will mean our Pirates and Police have plenty of hiding places when it comes to them meeting up. We promise you, there will be a lot of hiding going on as the timid Police meet up with the soft-hearted Pirates!

Alan is ably assisted by DSM Katie Cooper and her Sound and Light Technicians, Sammy Vesty and Jude Moulton – all three have worked on professional theatre productions and are very excited to be involved in our latest venture.

Not to be forgotten either is the army of people who support us – the Orchestra, our Front of House team, Wardrobe, Props, Hair and Makeup, Refreshments (yours and ours!), Chaperones, Photographers, Printers and we mustn’t forget the parents who constantly support our smashing Juniors and volunteer to help with the production in any way they can.

AMTG is truly fortunate to have such a remarkable and loyal team of people, and it goes without saying that without them, we would not be able to do what we love doing onstage.

So come and see the results of our weeks of hard work! We’re waiting to hear from you at the Box Office at amtg.org.uk. Tickets are £15 each for performances from 9th-13th April 2019, and we are really getting ready to welcome you to Penzance!