Spectacular return to Ivanhoe College 7th October 2017

Looking back to our “A Night at the Movies” sell-out Concert on 7th October at the Ivanhoe College we want to celebrate the wealth of young talent we are proud to have in our Group, and who gave exceptional performances throughout the evening, alongside our adult members. You can see selected snippets from the Concert on our Productions page.

From Thomas Longland’s and Evie Midgley’s hysterical performances in the opening Willy Wonka sketch, to Elliot Hill’s and Olivia Carroll-Walsh’s poignant performances in the Oklahoma sketch in the second act, our audience saw how truly talented and versatile our younger members are, and we are very proud of them all – Maisie Axton, Adam Bailey, Josh Benfield, Abby Betteridge, Olivia Carroll-Walsh, Ella Cope, Millie Dagley, Elliot and Oscar Hill, Thomas Longland, Evie Midgley, Emily Poole, Hannah Rushman, Eden Wedgbrow and Jenny Wells.

Special mention must go to the individual and outstanding solos by Ella Cope (“Where is Love” from Oliver!), Eden Wedgbrow (“How Far I’ll Go” from Moana), Evie Midgley (“Home” from Beauty and the Beast), and Olivia Carroll-Walsh (“Quiet” from Matilda). The girls sang with such maturity – it is hard to remember they are all age 12 and under – we were bursting with pride to watch them entertain our audience, and there weren’t many dry eyes at the end of their solos.

We were also fortunate to include some of the hugely talented girls from Dance Network in our programme, under the watchful eye of our Choreographer Leanne O’Brien. All the dancers were incredible (Darcy and Sophie Boddington, Lillie Davenport, Maisy Walker, Eden Wedgbrow) and the acro performance by Chelsea Scott and Alice Jarvis to the Skyfall soundtrack was breathtaking, you could have heard a pin drop! Thank you girls, you brought your special and wonderful talent to our Concert, and we’re proud to be associated with you.