Me & My Girl Review – Guy Levesley

Thank you so much for inviting me to last night’s performance in the 400 Hall. I am still staggered by the amazing ambition of the production, a hallmark of AMTG’s shows, pulled off superbly yet again. You could have not bothered with so many of the tiny details, but I’m glad you did, as they were the luxury icing on a very rich cake.

I’m hugely impressed by the ensemble performances by individuals. I imagine the dressing rooms must run as efficiently as the stage team in order to allow an actor to return to the stage as character B, having exited two minutes earlier as character A. I thought the differentiation in playing multiple roles was really well defined – a great achievement in a show of this magnitude.

Not so good amateur theatre companies are just there to have fun, with little regard for the audience, but it was clear to me that you put your audience first – the control and discipline on stage was brilliant – you were there to entertain, but it was clear too that the cast was having quite a lot of fun. Audiences love it that way round.

There were so many memorable moments – I loved the below stairs kitchen scene, the tableaux leading into the two halves, the whole Lambeth scene, and so much more, but I especially liked the ‘drunken’ scene. Sir John was as convincingly drunk as I have seen on stage and the scene was an absolute rich delight. For me, it epitomised what AMTG does… everything – whilst going the extra few miles to achieve what they set out to so successfully. The gauzes, the ancestors, the tiger skin, the live vermin, the statue – you could have not bothered with any of it – and you might have got away with it – but it was brilliant and I’m so glad you did.

It must be hard being a part of AMTG. It is an amazing and very special company. The ambition is so high, the performances are so consistently outstanding and the expectation of the audience so great. I really hope that it is as rewarding for those involved as it so clearly is for the audience who attend.
I do hope you have a really great last day today and thank you so much for a very enjoyable and truly memorable performance last night.
With best wishes

Guy Levesley
The 400 Hall
Repton School

Me & My Girl Review – Burton Mail

THE sign I have watched a good musical theatre show is how long I have the songs from the performance spinning around in my head.

Ashbeian Musical Theatre Group’s spring production of Me and My Girl will no doubt have me trilling the tunes way into the weekend – yes it was that good!

I mean, what isn’t there to like about a Noel Gay and Douglas Furber score, coupled with Stephen Fry penning the 1986 revival? Absolutely nothing – and the Ashbeian Musical Theatre Group brought the show to life at Repton’s 400 Hall Theatre with whit, charm and professional finesse.

And without a flat note throughout – trust me, this 50-strong cast can certainly belt a tune out.

The show revolves around an unapologetically unrefined cockney gentleman named Bill Snibson who learns that he is the 14th heir to the Earl of Hareford.

However, he will only receive his inheritance if his Aunt the Duchess and her confidante Sir John approve of him. The Duchess feels that with a little grooming, Bill will be suitable to inherit the title – and the money.

However, she insists that Bill break up with his cockney girlfriend, Sally Smith. Bill refuses to accept the title if cannot keep Sally as his girl.

Eventually, thanks to Sir John (and a reference to Henry Higgins) Sally is groomed to become more lady-like. Thus, Bill is allowed to inherit the title and keep his girl.

The show is packed with a catchy score including many familiar tunes such as Me and My Girl, Leaning on a Lampost, The Sun Has Got His Hat On and the foot-stomping, handclapping – The Lambeth Walk!

With such a large cast I tip my hat at David McKnight (Producer and Director) and Leanne O’Brien (Choreographer) for placing so many people in the right position at the right time. The comic timing is spot on throughout and a special mention must go to Bill wrestling with the tiger skin rug, and Lady Evadne Tring’s hilarious antics.Burton-Mail-Image

From beginning to end the show is witty, charming and has so much ‘feel good’ factor that it should be dished out on the NHS. Here’s to the next show from the Ashbeian Musical Theatre Group – I personally cannot wait!

Caroline Kay, Burton Mail