It’s all coming together very nicely Mr Higgins!

If you haven’t already got your tickets for My Fair Lady there is still a little time to do just that – visit or phone us on 07527 228945 – and there is no better way to enjoy fantastic musical theatre at its best than to come and see AMTG at Repton School from 10-14th April 2018.

In a few days our Stage Team will be taking delivery of the scenery, furnishings and props, and our Sound and Lighting team will be rigging up the 400 Hall Theatre ready for the run. The orchestra will be rehearsing, and everyone involved in the show, on stage and off, will be buzzing.  For six performances we will be taking our audiences back to Edwardian London, with all the glamour of Ascot, the humour and wit of Covent Garden, and the splendour of an Embassy Ball.

People not involved in theatre may sometimes think amateur shows don’t benefit from the attention to detail that a professional production can afford. However AMTG audiences always see a show of the very highest calibre – despite us having smaller budgets, and Members and the Production Team who lead very busy lives outside of rehearsals.

Crucial to the success of any show is of course the audience, and we are so looking forward to welcoming everyone to see what we have achieved, so professionally, in the six short months since we began preparing this fabulous show. As with any production, we will all be sad to say goodbye to Higgins, Eliza et al, but then we can start all over again with the next show, which will be announced in the My Fair Lady programme!

We are blessed by a huge number of supporters and sponsors who help us bring a show to the stage, and amongst these is the team at Ashby Life – we are grateful to everyone for their continuing involvement.

Don’t forget to visit us at to make sure you have a ticket – you will be delighted you did!