Fiddler on the Roof Review (2014)

I felt I must write tonight to thank you and Ashbeian Musical Theatre Group very much indeed for the tickets I received for Friday’s performance of ‘Fiddler on the Roof’.

It was a stunning performance! The quality of the acting – from the whole company – impressed me enormously, from carefully considered crowd reactions and attention to detail, through warm, welcome and pleasing cameos to the storming performances by the leads, and in particular, Chris Head’s truly memorable Tevye, supported so convincingly by Karen Jamieson’s lovely Golde. This was a show in which the audience were gently eased into genuinely believing and caring about the situations and developments of the characters. The superb sets added enormously to the feeling that we were there, in Anatevka, with the villagers. The music, performed with real sensitivity, pushed us even further.

In the seat I was in, down the side, I was in a position to see the Stalls audience and they were transfixed throughout the evening.

I knew that AMTG is not a company that does things by halves, but this production must rate at the highest standards of British amateur musical theatre – I’ve seen a lot – and I would be grateful if you are able to pass on my sincere congratulations to David McKnight, Alan Hutchinson and thereby, I hope, the whole group.

I wish them every success for the final two performances and hope that, again, they have thoroughly enjoyed working so productively in the 400 Hall. It was a brilliant evening and I have taken away some very warm memories, for which I am very grateful indeed.

With best wishes and many thanks again

Guy Levesley
Director of Dramatic Productions, Repton School
Chairman, The Rep Theatre Company